Termisaur macOS terminal emulator

I recently acquired the source code to a terminal emulator application for macOS which I had implemented in a past line of work. The source code originated on MacOS 6 as shareware and has undergone a variety of transformations and updates over the last few decades for commercial purposes. First ported to NeXTSTEP using Objective-C, then updated for OpenStep, ported to Windows using YellowBox and eventually MacOS X. I spent some time updating it and will be doing further work with the goal to get it in nice shape for the macOS App Store.

My personal interest in the program is largely the Unix shell functionality but it also supports a number of emulations including IBM 3270. I know a lot of the core functionality is solid but it does need UI updating and support for newer communication protocols.

This is running on Ventura, I had to do some minor updates to accommodate pseudo terminal changes in High Sierra and change some of the optimized drawing I had using lockFocus which is now deprecated. I’ve got some compiler warnings but nothing too bad, works well as a 64-bit app.

What do you call a dinosaur of a terminal emulator? Termisaur of course.

Stay tuned for updates!