Jackling House

Steve Jobs purchased the Jackling House in 1984 and lived there for a decade while building NeXT. The house was torn down in 2011 after a prolonged contest with preservationists. More information at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackling_House

My uncle was the owner of the Jackling House prior to Jobs and sold it to him. I stayed at the Jackling House in the early 80’s as a teenager and my father stayed there a number of times.

The ground level photos were taken by my father around 1980. The aerial photo was given to my father, it is probably early to mid 1970s.

You can see in the top left of middle on the aerial a swimming pool. This pool actually straddles the property line and has a fence going through it due to a subdivision of the original property. This pool was later filled in with dirt but the pool structure was not removed. When I went you could just see the edging tiles in the ground.

The house was in very nice shape when I went. The house had an elevator, a pipe organ, a detached house for servants, a courtyard, tennis court and a new pool close to the house. The original owner was a copper magnate and the mailbox was cast copper with a solid copper post I was told ran very deep into the ground.