Crazy Xserve G5 valuations

I’ve been using eBay for 25 years, selling personal items and often buying new, used and hard to find items. A lot of this is pretty normal, items sell for expected market prices. Every once in a while I have an unusual transaction, maybe I get a great deal, or maybe I have something which fetches a nice price. An out of print children’s book which has become a collector’s item, or a 200 year old watercolor paint set which has a bidding war between museum conservators. Possibly the most odd thing I’ve seen for technology is Xserve G5 values…

Kee Bird B-29 circa 1988

You can read about the Kee Bird here: . It crashed in the Arctic and there was an attempt to repair and fly it out which ended in further destroying the plane by fire. This is the plane as it was in 1988. My father took this photo while in Greenland with the USAF. Not to be reproduced without permission. Photo Copyright (c) 1988, Christopher J. W. Lloyd.