Japan May 2023, Kyoto day 3, Gion

Walking through Gion

Our second full day in Kyoto was walking into the Gion district with walks to the Hōkan-ji Temple, through Sanneizaka and up near Kiyomizu-dera. We then walked over to the Nijō Castle area and back closer to downtown for dinner at Isomatsu.

The crowds in Gion near the temples were very significant and there were vehicles trying to get through roads flooded with pedestrians.

Restaurant Isomatsu

I had researched some restaurants and made a reservation at Isomatsu in downtown Kyoto. This was probably one of our favorite meals, we had a large booth by the bar, the staff was very friendly, there was no time limit for the reservation and the food was delicious. The staff was amused that I ordered three fish carpaccios but it was so fresh and delicious I could have eaten them all night.